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Sport-Specific Testing and Physiology

The Sport Manitoba Performance Centre regularly performs fitness testing and analysis for sport organizations, provincial teams and elite athletes.  

We follow NSO and well-established protocols to establish baselines, monitor progress, help identify potential risks of injury, and develop training regimens to maximize the athlete's development and performance.

What We DoVO2 Max Test Winnipeg

  • We can complete testing sessions at our Performance Centre, or we can bring our equipment to your facility.  Our team has done on-ice, on-field and on-court testing, often in combination with tests at our facility.
  • Almost any athletic ability can be tested
  • We can help develop protocols specific to your sport and team.
  • Provide in-depth team and athlete analysis that can be used by coaches for talent identification and development.

What Type of Tests Do We Do  ​

Aerobic -Tests [VO2-max, Lactate]

Our portable VO2-max machine lets us identify the athlete's aerobic capabilities and utilization of oxygen.  We can use this data to determine intensity training zones and thresholds.  On the bike, treadmill, or ergometer, we can do it all!

Example Tests: Vo2 Max, Lactate, Beep Test

Speed and Agility [Sprints, Change of Direction]

Our timing gate system provides the accurate and precise measures your athletes need.  Our laser timing system removes any potential biases that testers and athletes may have, such as a delayed reaction time.   We can customize a variety of drills that test your athletes linear speed, change of direction, splits and reaction.  In our facility, or yours . . . we can take our system anywhere.

Example Tests: 5-10-5, 100m sprints, splits, on-ice circles.

Strength | Power [Jumps, Anaerobic & Force]

We can do on-site basic strength tests (e.g. push-ups) or more comprehensive strength tests at our facility such as windgates, vertical jump tests, and estimated 1RM maximums.  

Example Tests: vertical jump, broad jump, estimated RM bench press, chin ups, planks etc.

Movement, Flexibility, Body Composition

Our team can assess a variety of movements to identify weaknesses and potential compensations that may help reduce the risk of future injury.

Example Tests: FMS Screen, single-leg movement screens.

We've worked with athletes and teams from almost every provincial sport organization, and continue to help professional and amateur athletes attain their goals! 

Contact us here to put your team/athlete through one of our sport-testing protocols.  



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