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Many of the exercises in your program can be found on our Toba Training YouTube Channel.  Find your desired exercise below to determine which group your video is viewable in. 


Ladder Drills
1. Forward Cross Over 2. Hip Twists 3. HopScotch 4. Icky Crossover 5. Icky Shuffle 6.  In In Out Out
1. A Skips 2. Wall Slides Wide 3. Wall Slides Touch 4. Bottoms Ups Up Up Down 5. Band Bottoms Up 6. Birddogs with tubing
1. Leg Lowers 2. Forward Broad Jumps 3. Hamstring Sweeps 4. Jumping Jacks 5. Lateral Broad Jumps 6.  Lunge with Rotation 7.  Lunge with Rotation
Plyometric Jump 1
1. Consecutive Tuck Jumps 2. Single Leg Tuck Jumps 3. Split Squat Cyclic Jumps 4. Forward Broad Jumps 5. Single Leg Broad Jumps 6. 2 Foot Bench Jumps 7. SL Bench Jumps 8. Skater Jumps 9.  SL Hurdle Jumps 10.  Depth Jump w/ Vertical Jump 11.  Depth Jump w/ Broad Jump


Olympic Lifts
1. Clean Pulls 2. Hang Clean Pulls 3. Hang Power Cleans 4. Bottoms Ups Up Up Down 5. Band Bottoms Up 6. Birddogs with tubing


1. Split Squat Right w/ BB 2. Split Squat Left w/ DB 3. Forward Lunge (Front Rack) (SV) 4. Reverse Lunge w /BB (SV) 5.  Lateral Lunge w/ BB (FV) 6. Walking Lunges w/ BB (FV) 7. Alternating Forwards Lunge w/ BB (Front View). 8.  Forward Lunge Left w/ DB. 9. Stationary Alternating Lunge w/ DB (FV) 10. Alternating Backward Lunge w/ DB (SV) 11. Lateral Lunge w/ DB. 12. Walking Lunge w/ DB (FV)
Lower Limb
1. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats 2. Lateral Step Ups 3. Cable Walkouts 4. Cable Adduction 5. Cable Adduction Walkouts 6. Cable Hip Flexion Standing. 7. Cable Hip Flexion from Plank Position
Individual Videos
Front Squat, Step Ups, Dead Lift, SB Hamstring Curl, Cable Kickbacks


Back Supported Chest Press
1. On Bench DB (SV) 2. On Bench Dumbbell (BV) 3. On SB DB(SV) 4. Alternating Arm on Bench DB (SV) 5. Alternating Arm on Bench DB (BV) 6. Alternating Arm on SB DB (SV) 7. Single Arm on Bench DB (SV) 8. Single Arm on Bench (BV) 9.  Single Arm on SB (SV) 10.  BB Bench Press  
Push Up and Variations
1. (SV) 2. Feet on SB (SV) 3. Hands on SB (SV) 4. Multi-Med Ball Sequence 
Cable Chest Press and Variations
1-7. 2 Arm / Split Stance / Half Kneeling / Full Kneeling / Single Leg / On SB / On Bench 8-14. Alternating Arm / Split Stance / Half Kneeling / Full Kneeling / Single Leg / On SB / On Bench 15-21. Single Arm / Split Stance / Single Leg / Kneeling / Half Kneeling / On SB / On Bench  


Cable Rows and Variations
1. Seated 2. Standing 3. Single Leg 4. Half Kneeling 5. Full Kneeling 6. Seated Single Arm 7. Standing Single Arm 8. Single Arm Half Kneeling 9. Single Arm Full Kneeling 10. Single Arm, Single Leg
Standing Bent Over Row
1. DB 2. BB 3. T Bar 4. Single Leg DB 5. Single Leg Alternating (SV) 5. Single Leg Alternating (FV) 6. Single Arm DB 7. Single Arm Single Leg DB. 8. Push Up Position with DB row.
Reverse Cable Flies
1. Standing 2. Single Leg 3. Full Kneel 4. Half-Kneel 5. Standing Single Arm 6. Single Leg Single Arm 7. Full Kneel Single Arm 8. Half Kneel Single Arm 9.  Standing Alternating Arm 10.  Single Leg Alternating Arm 11. Full Kneel Alternating Arm 12. Siting on Bench 13. Sitting on Bench Alternating Arm 14. Sitting on Bench Single Arm 15. Sitting On SB 16.  Sitting On SB Alternating Arm 17. Sitting On SB Single Arm.  
Reverse Flies on Bench
1. Both Arms 2. Alternating Arms 3.  Single Arm
Individual Videos
Lat Pulldown Below Shoulder


Individual Videos
Single Leg Forward Raise, Single Leg Lateral Raise


Level 1
1. Leg Lowers 2. Front Plank 3. Up Up Down Down 4. Alternating Arm Forward 5. BirdDawgs 6. Side Planks 7. Hip Bridge Abduction 8. SB Table Top Hold 9.  SB Rollouts 


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