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Dr. Hossein Kashefi, MD, CCFP, Dip. Sports Med (CASEM) - Sport Medicine Physician

Dr. Kashefi

Dr. Kashefi is a primary care physician with a special interest in sport and exercise medicine.  He has experience with musculoskeletal injuries (small injuries including sport related injuries, work related injuries and motor vehicle accidents), chronic and overuse musculoskeletal disorders (tendinopathies, osteoarthritis). As well as Ultrasound-assisted musculoskeletal injections, nerve entrapment syndromes (carpal/tarsal tunnel syndrome and ulnar nerve entrapment), foot and ankle disorders, and spine related pain.

Who Does Dr. Kashefi Treat?

Patients of all ages with sport and non-sport injuries are welcome!  This includes: workplace injuries, accidents, and repetitive strain injuries.  

Whether you are sedentary or a high performing athlete - we can help you. We offer athlete level care to all our patients, no referral required and we direct bill your insurance.

And if you require treatment, Dr. Kashefi has a team of clinicians ready to help!

Put yourself in the hands of our sport medicine professionals and get back to your!

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