Power Smart Manitoba Summer Games


50-50 Phase 1 Winner Announced

Congratulations Gregory Swift! You have won $1812.50!!! Thanks for supporting the Games.
It's not too late for you to be the lucky winner. Help support the Games by purchasing your 50/50 tickets for a chance to win one of draws. The final one will be held this Saturday, August 13. Find our 50/50 volunteers stationed at the roving merchandise trailer.

Gregory Swift (left) with his grandson Dominic Lowen of Parkland. 


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We'd like to welcome David Martin to the team as Games Coordinator for the 2018 Power Smart MB Games in Thompson! https://t.co/fLc8ojFLvn
Host society needs at least 500 more volunteers for Manitoba Games, school board hears https://t.co/sM57yqcPZ0 https://t.co/8dzef4reGb


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