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Quick Facts


  • ​To provide Manitobans with an opportunity to participate in a province-wide, organized, multi-sport, athletic event.
  • To provide all participants with the opportunity to develop their skill level and interest in sport.
  • To provide opportunities to identify Manitobans wishing to pursue higher levels of competition.
  • To provide opportunities for Manitobans to compete within the spirit of fair play, for the joy of effort, and the sense of physical and social well-being.


  • To strengthen provincial unity through the Games.
  • To foster participation and development at the regional and provincial levels.
  • To foster and promote the growth of, and partnership between, local, regional, and provincial sport organizations, leagues and programs.
  • To provide an opportunity for the development of athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.
  • To provide each hosting community with a legacy of upgraded equipment, facilities, officials and volunteers.
  • To focus on athletes between the ages of ten and under 18 (10-under 18).
  • Athletes will be within the Learn to Train and Train to Train stage of their sports LTAD pathway. 


  • The Manitoba Games follow the Olympic cycle, taking place every two years, alternating between summer and winter Games.
  • The program is administered by Sport Manitoba and implemented by the Manitoba Games Council.
  • Sport Manitoba, Manitoba's corporate community, participant registration fees and local fundraising efforts fund the program. 
  • Over 1,000 volunteers are trained to operate the Manitoba Games.
  • The provincial host community benefits from in excess of $150,000 in sport facility capital upgrades.
  • There is an opportunity for a monetary surplus at the completion of the Games. Previous financial legacies have ranged from $10,000 to $156,000.
  • 1,800 participants and a large number of family members contribute to an economic impact of over one million dollars to the host community. 



We'd like to welcome David Martin to the team as Games Coordinator for the 2018 Power Smart MB Games in Thompson! https://t.co/fLc8ojFLvn
Host society needs at least 500 more volunteers for Manitoba Games, school board hears https://t.co/sM57yqcPZ0 https://t.co/8dzef4reGb


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