Volunteer swept off feet by Westman’s gift

By Ian Froese

Evelyn Paton didn’t think it was a big deal. She saw a coach scrambling Thursday night, looking for some place to do laundry after hours when Paton figured she’d do it herself.

Later that night Paton, a volunteer at the Power Smart Manitoba Summer Games, got it done. She had a clean batch of orange gear to return to Jason Slater, a coach with Westman’s girls softball team.

The next morning Paton was back volunteering at Steinbach Regional Secondary School when she spotted those uniforms again, this time on the backs of the girls they belonged to. They were walking toward her. All in their orange, they looked pretty impressive, she said. The girls crowded around Paton to thank her personally and give her a bouquet of flowers. Paton got emotional as she recalled the moment. "It is the way I am, I have tears of happiness and tears of sadness easy," she said.

But joy was the emotion this time. It’s beautiful to see them do that for you, she said.

Paton has enjoyed her experience volunteering with access control, ensuring the security of venues, she said. She’s talked to participants happy to share their success, and laughed at a couple boys pretending their accreditation badge made them police officers. I’ve loved it, she said. I love the kids.

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