Winnipeg Gold Goes Undefeated to Take the Female Basketball Gold Medal

By Aaron Klassen

Winnipeg Gold beat out Interlake 60-39 in Wednesday’s gold medal matchup.

Winnipeg Gold took the lead early and didn’t give Interlake a break. Gold’s top point-getter was Sonum Sidhu, who brought in 17 points. Interlake’s top scorer was Callista Howard with 10 points.

Interlake worked hard on defense but struggled with making key shots and wasn’t able to take advantage of foul shots, making only 5 of 20. In the end, Winnipeg Gold outplayed Interlake with a team that worked well together and had chemistry on and off the court. Coaches Ward Anders and Aimee Van Dan commented that the girls had a lot of “heart and passion” for the game and they came to the team with a lot of skill already.

In other play, Team Central took the bronze medal game against Winnipeg Blue 76-54 Wednesday. Team Eastman took the consolation final against Team Westman 55-35 Tuesday evening.  

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