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Sport Science


Athlete Development | Performance Enhancement Programming

  • Periodization/Annual Planning
  • Design annual and/or cycle-based plans that include competition, practice, and training schedules, while balancing the demands for rest/recovery 
  • Training volume and intensity fluctuations within annual plan

Exercise and Sport Physiology

  • Identifying aerobic and anaerobic thresholds 
  • Using athlete and physiologic attributes to develop strategies for training and competition 
  • Tapering programing to ensure athletes are peaking at the right time

Sport-Specific Testing

  • Aerobic/Anaerobic
  • Speed and Agility
  • Strength & Power | Movement, Flexibility, Body Composition
  • Find out more about our Testing Protocols

High Performance Planning

  • Enrichment funding support and budget review
  • Coach development and succession plans
  • Review of competition/practice schedules
  • Design training schedules
  • Facilities/Equipment
  • Regional development and service delivery
  • Team selection process and recruitment.

For more information, please contact Adam Decker, Senior Manager Athlete Development, 204-925-5926 Email


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