​Team Manitoba Names Mission Staff for 2017 Canada Summer Games in Winnipeg

Preparation for the 2017 Canada Summer Games in Winnipeg is well underway for Team Manitoba, as they officially announced the Mission Staff tasked to help the host province make these their best Games yet.

Led by Chef de Mission Barry Moroz and Assistant Chef de Mission Marcie Halls-Stronciski, the Mission Staff features qualified individuals who were selected to give the best support possible for Team Toba athletes, coaches, and teams from now, leading up to, and during the 2017 Canada Summer Games.

The opportunity for a larger, well-tailored Mission Staff presents itself as a home-advantage for Manitoba in 2017.

“Mission Staff play a huge role in the success of any Games, and those who are making the commitment have helped us put together a great support system,” says Chef de Mission Barry Moroz. “We have a lot to be excited about with the experience and expertise this group brings to the team.”

Comprised of professional sport administrators, performance planners, communications specialists and volunteers, Mission Staff offer support to Team Manitoba athletes, coaches, and managers leading up to and during Games, and are a key link of communication between individual teams and the larger Team Manitoba. The organization and preparation they provide is integral for the performance and overall experience of everyone involved in the Games.
Core Staff
Barry Moroz, Chef de Mission
Marcie Halls-Stronciski, Assistant Chef
Kerri Tyschinski, Office Manager
Leigh Legal-Young, Office Manager
Pat Kirby, Logistics
Pete Conway, Logistics, Week 1 - Rowing
Joey Traa, Media & Communications
Adam Decker, Sport Performance
Neal Prokop, Sport Performance
Volunteer Mission Staff
Aaron Tycoles, Week 1 – Baseball
Bill Whiteway, Week 2 - Wrestling
Bryce Koscielny, Week 1 - Athletics
Carl Bartel, Week 1 – Diving; Week 2 - Swimming
Darian Hole, Week 1 - Triathlon
Dené Sinclair, Week 1 - Canoe/Kayak
Haley Kirkbride-Taylor, Week 1 - Basketball (F); Week 2 - Golf
Kalen Qually, Week 1 & 2 - Communications
Katja Smutny, Week 1 - Sailing
Kristy Devantier, Week 2 - Communications
Kylo Harris, Week 1 - Softball (M); Week 2 - Tennis
Lindsey Argue, Week 1 - Cycling (Mountain Bike); Week 2 - Cycling (Road)
Lloyd Voth, Week 1 - Beach Volleyball
Luc Therrien, Week 2 - Volleyball (M)
Luisa Alarcon, Week 1 - Communications
Mandy Los, Week 1 & 2 - Medical Liaison
Mano Navarro, Week 2 - Volleyball (F)
Mike Vitulano, Week 1 - Soccer (F)
Paul Thompson, Week 2 - Soccer (M)
Terry Skarban, Week 2 - Basketball (M)
Val Pelleck, Week 2 - Softball (F)


Meeting Rooms
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