By Neal Prokop, Sport Performance Specialist

One of the most versatile pieces you’ll find in the gym is the landmine attachment. It attaches to a barbell, and acts as a ground based rotational training device that can target the entire body. It requires control, adds an anti-rotation component, and often requires stability. All come together to challenge the body considerably. Furthermore, since the landmine is fixed to the ground, it can be a bit safer during explosive exercises. We have five landmine attachments scattered throughout Sport Manitoba Performance that are used daily.


Here are 10 great lowerbody exercises that you can do with a landmine!


#1 – Landmine Single Leg Romanian Deadlift



#2 – Landmine Front Loaded Reverse Lunge



#3 – Landmine Reverse Lunge Side



#4 – Landmine Single Leg Squat – Side Loaded



#5 – Landmine Single Arm Reverse Lunge



#6 – Landmine Front Squat



#7 – Landmine Low Lateral Lunge



#8 – Landmine Low Lateral Squat



#9 – Landmine Romanian Deadlift



#10 – Single Arm Landmine Deadlift to Press



Try including these landmine exercises in your next workout, and you’ll be surprised how challenging they can be. For a full playlist of the landmine exercises we use at Sport Manitoba Performance, click here.  

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Stay healthy and happy training!

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