2017 Canada Games Mission Staff Chef & Assistant Chef

The 2017 Canada Summer Games are being held in Manitoba. The Games, without a doubt, are an exciting time for the athletes. Names like Crosby, Stamkos, and Klassen are just a few of those who have participated in past years. 

The excitement is high for athletes as they get to represent their province or region on one of the biggest stages available.

The excitement is just as high for the people working with the athletes and behind the scenes. Two of whom, Barry Moroz and Marcie Halls Stronciski, have stepped into new roles for the 2017 Canada Summer Games. 

“Athlete development is first and foremost,” says Moroz, Chef de Mission for Team Manitoba, “but if you ask anybody who has participated in the Canada Games, could be a volunteer or an organizer, they will tell you that from a sport or personal perspective, there is no experience like the Canada Games.”

For 20 years Moroz has been a part of the Canada Games in various capacities, none of which as an athlete. In his time, he has worked 11 Canada Games and six Western Canada Games. 

This year is even more exciting since they’re taking place in Manitoba. It’s only the third time in the 50 year history of the Games that they are being played here because of the rotation the Games go on across all provinces and territories. 

“It’s always nice to travel and see other parts of the country,” says Moroz, “but by the same token I think there’s something to be said about home field advantage.”

Marcie Halls Stronciski, Assistant Chef De Mission for Team Manitoba, has a bit of a different reason why Manitoba hosting the Games is such an exciting time. 

“Just having my family around and allowing them to see the games experience,” says Halls Stronciski, “I talk to them and tell them what it’s all about, but they’ll actually get to feel the buzz.” 

The ‘buzz’ is what Halls Stronciski loves most about the Games.  She says that it’s really just amazing to see how excited everyone is throughout the community when the Games are on. 

Expectations are very high for Team Manitoba heading into the Canada Games on home turf.

“We have a lot of recent success that we can build on, we’ve set our expectations and in some cases we’ve exceeded them,” says Moroz, “competing at home will give us even more to build on that momentum. I don’t think it’s unrealistic to expect that we can win a record number of medals.”

Regardless of how the standings end up though, the Games will be a great time for Manitoba. The buzz that is brought about from the athletes, volunteers, and staff will generate a great feeling of community and achievement across the province. 

Buzz and athletics aside, Moroz is looking forward to one major thing. 

“Just the celebration. The celebration of youth, the celebration of sport, the celebration of community, the celebration of our country.” 

The 2017 Canada Games are taking place July 28 – August 13, 2017, and are sure to make for the Hottest Summer in Half a Century...read more about the Games
Barry Moroz Marcie Halls-Stronciski

By: Josh Kerr
February 2016

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