By Neal Prokop, Sport Performance Specialist

Side planks help strengthen your shoulders, obliques, and legs from heel to hip. The exercise also strengthens the deep muscles of your lower back!

Having said that, it can be a bit boring to do the same version of a side plank week after week!

Here are six different ways that you can try switching up your side plank!  Even if Jeff makes them look easy . . . trust me, they’re not!!


#1 – Side Plank Hold with Hip Abduction



#2 – TRX Side Plank Hold



#3 – KB Bottoms Up Side Plank Hold



#4 – Alternating Side Plank Hold



#5 – Side Plank Hold Top Leg on Bench



#6 – Side Plank Hip Lift



Try including these side plank variations in your next workout. You’ll be surprised how challenging it can be to maintain form. Remember, keep your elbow under your shoulder, and align your ankles, knees, hips, torso and shoulders! Squeeze your butt and you’ll be good to go!


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Happy training!

Your Performance Team