When: February 4th, 2023
Where: Online

The Advanced Practice Planning module examines the impact of daily training sequencing and the manipulations that can affect training outcomes. This five-hour module is a great follow-up to the Planning a Practice module. It is recommended that the Performance Planning module be taken before Advanced Practice Planning.

After completing the Advanced Practice Planning module, you will be able to:

  • Identify the factors that affect practice planning;
  • Ensure that practice plans are consistent with the microcycles and phases of which they are part;
  • Sequence exercises in a practice so that their order is consistent with the research on sequencing;
  • Develop a plan for training athletic abilities over a microcycle;
  • Develop a plan for training technical and tactical abilities over a microcycle;
  • Develop a plan for a microcycle that helps athletes taper before a competition.

To register please go to our website or sign into the Locker and go to Calendar. You can also register for online courses in other provinces. Just click all provinces in the Locker Calendar to see options.

For Ontario coaches please register for courses through the Coaches Association of Ontario website.