By Sam Cortes, Communications Coordinator

The Manitoba Winter Games powered by Manitoba Hydro from February 27 – March 5, 2022 are just under a year away.

As the Games approach and athletes and coaches prepare, we catch up with Bob Lawrie, Head Coach and Program Director with the Manitoba Alpine Ski Division.


Alpine Ski Racing Program

The Alpine Ski Racing program is part of the 2022 Manitoba Winter Games in Niverville. There are two events that will be held at Springhill Winter Park:

1. Parallel Slalom (twos)
2. Ski Cross (fours)

“These events are elimination formats that determine the medalists over multiple runs,” said Bob.


Alpine ski


Excitement Ahead

Bob said one of the things he is most looking forward to is in the details of these races.

“The excitement for the Games will not be about the length of the race, but the style of racing!” said Bob. “The Parallel event is a head-to-head, or side-by-side, format that eliminates competitors on a time differential until the medalists are decided.”

“The Ski Cross event is a mass start that includes four competitors racing on the same course. The top two from each heat advance to the next round until the medalists are decided.”


How to Get Involved

To qualify for the Manitoba Winter Games, athletes must attend Provincial Qualifications. Right now, the qualifications are yet to be determined and depend on the COVID-19 restrictions in January of 2022.

But that doesn’t mean athletes can’t still prepare.

“Local clubs throughout the province run training and racing programs that are available to sign up for,” said Bob.

To find a club in your region or for more info on qualification, visit the Manitoba Alpine Ski Division website.