Alpine Ski Manitoba Games


Apres Ski with the Boys

March 7

By: Keyanna Oulette

For many athletes, the 2018 Winter Games powered by Manitoba Hydro are a stand-out experience, but for one group of friends, it's just another day of competition. Alpine skiers Jack Healey and Mykola Kruk (Winnipeg Gold), Noah Cunningham (Winnipeg Blue) and Jared Friesen (South) compete against each other regularly, so the competition hasn't really changed; only the venue.

Of course, that doesn't mean that the boys aren't having fun. “It’s nice to be up in Thompson,” said Friesen, explaining that it is nice to be away from home for a bit and experience new terrain.

Kruk was surprised by the amount of entertainment and activities available to the athletes in their off time, and was enjoying a bit of independence on his trip up north. “We have more freedom then what I thought we would.”

Healy was enjoying being part of a multi-sport event, and the opportunity to cheer on other athletes in other disciplines. “It is nice to see other sports then our own,” he said.

Competition had gone better for some of the boys than others: Healy claimed gold in Monday's parallel slalom while Friesen took home Bronze. Cunningham, on the other hand, fell and was disqualified in the event. Still, the boys were supportive and glowing with excitement when they explain their day. Being in the room with them you can tell they knew each other very well, and by the way they would tease each other about their runs.

The boys teased Cunningham for his quietness during the interview, but Cunningham was a realist: “When life gives you lemons, you only have lemons,” he said, sending the boys into fits of laughter.

Healy continued to take home his second gold medal on Tuesday in the single slalom. Cunningham would redeem himself with a silver medal, and Kruk took home the bronze. It might just feel like another weekend, but it sure is a weekend of joy and memories that will last a lifetime.

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