By Sam Cortes, Communications Coordinator

“It’s been tough year for everybody, and it’s been really nice having the games in the back of our minds and thinking yeah okay, there is something that we can plan for, work towards, get excited about. We’re in that one year out where it’s not just off in the horizon, we are in the window,” said Alanna Boudreau, Athletics Manitoba Executive Director and Head Coach for Team Toba Athletics.

With a final athletics team selection of up to 61 athletes by next June on the horizon, find out which events Team Toba will compete in and take in advice for the season ahead.


Athletics Events at the 2022 Canada Summer Games

After the postponement of the Canada Summer Games to 2022, athletics teams will keep the same eligibility criteria. That means athletes from the original age categories will have the opportunity to compete in Niagara.

Alanna said she’s thrilled to see the team develop for these games.

“We’re not going to have a huge amount of travel opportunities even in the next six months, so really, being able to really pull together a team of this size and get to this event is going to be huge and it’s just going to have such a huge impact on getting everyone re-excited,” she said. “These multi-sport games are what brings so many athletes into the sport and keep them motivated in sport. So seeing everyone excited and bringing everyone together, it’s going to be amazing and a really great experience,” said Alanna.

Team Toba’s men and women will to compete in 27 athletics events:

  • 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 5000 metres
  • Hurdles 110, 400 metres, Steeplechase 3000 metres
  • 100, 400, 1500 metres wheelchair
  • Special Olympics: 100, 200 metres
  • Relays: 4 x 100 metres, 4 x 400 metres
  • High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault
  • Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Hammer
  • Para Shot Put, Para Discus
  • In addition to the above, men will also compete in Decathlon and women will also compete in Heptathlon

Note: There is a maximum of two entries per event, meaning Team Toba can have two athletes in every event, but an individual athlete can qualify for multiple events. (With the exception of para shot put and discus, where there will be a maximum of one athlete per event.)



Training and Preparing for Niagara

Given the environment we’re in, Alanna said for the most part, everyone has been training individually, working with their personal coaches, and doing their preparation work as best they can.

“Training for our athletes right now is vastly different depending on where they are and where they’re at with their training,” said Alanna.

If restrictions allow this summer, Alanna said the plans are to use competitions as part of their preparation.

“But in a worst case scenario, if that doesn’t happen, then we’ll be looking towards the winter and our indoor season. That indoor season, regardless of what happens this summer, will be a really important part of the preparation for our team going into next summer.”

If you’re an athlete who currently doesn’t have a strong athletics training program, Alanna wants you to know to reach out to Athletics Manitoba.

“We do have some coaches on our coaching staff who can give them some training program recommendations or we can work with them,” said Alanna.


Athlete Advice

It’s been an unpredictable year, and some athletes might not be where they want to be with their training.

Alanna says that’s okay.

“Don’t worry about the challenges. We’ve all been in the same situation. I think it’s important for athletes to realize or remember that everyone is going to need something different right now and not to compare what they’ve been able to do with what another athlete has been able to do during the last year and a half now,” said Alanna.

Rather, it’s about taking the time to listen to your mind and body.

“Maybe you’ve had a break and you haven’t been training, and now you’re ready to get back into it. [That’s] awesome. If you have been training really hard, and you’ve been working on your own, you’ve been toughing it out, and you need a bit of a break before you reset before the next year – that’s fine, too. Do what you feel like you need right now. Try to remember why you love the sport. We’ll be here when you’re ready to come back. And we have time to get in the work to prep for the Games.”


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