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Board of Directors

A 16-member volunteer Board of Directors governs Sport Manitoba. Directors represent all the major stakeholders in the sport delivery system. The Board functions as a policy governance board that acts in the overall best interests of amateur sport in Manitoba.

Directors are either appointed or elected by Sport Manitoba's major partners to a term of three years, and can serve two consecutive terms. The Province of Manitoba appoints the Chair and Vice-Chair.

Province of Manitoba
David Patsack (Chair),
Beverley Edmondson (Vice-Chair)
Dennis Thiessen
Carter Chen​
Peter Debenham 

Provincial Sport Organizations
Tom Clasper
Jane Edstrom 
Sandra Kirby
Don MacDonald
David Markham

Manitoba Athlete Representative
Eva Jensen

Manitoba Regional Sport Councils
John Ferg

Manitoba Games Council
Megan Dias

Coaching Manitoba
Don Thomson

Education Partners
Dr. Doug Brown

Sport Medicine
Gord Partridge




A very important topic and we’re glad to be hosting this!
Perfect weather for Table Tennis North to stop by our building on their cross-Canada excursion!


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