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Additional Services

Sport Medicine Services

Our clinicians work directly with coaches, trainers, parents, doctors/surgeons, and other team members, to ensure your visit is exceptional. Patient care is always one-on-one which means clinicians do not treat multiple patients at the same time. Appointment times are also longer which means our clinicians have plenty of time to properly diagnose and treat you. With over 40 years of combined experience working in sport medicine, our team offers advanced rehabilitative techniques and an individualized plan of care including a High Performance Assessment to get YOU your best performance possible!

Services Include:

  • Sport Medicine Physician
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Athletic Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • High Performance Assessments and Programs
  • Concussion Care
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Sport Psychology

High Performance Assessments provide a comprehensive, individualized, biomechanical assessment. Do you want to train harder? Faster? Challenge yourself with a different approach? Have you reached a plateau? Our assessments are designed for athletes who are looking for results. We can help you reach the next level in your pursuit of excellence!

As a result of our assessment, we can identify any existing muscle imbalance and biomechanical dysfunction that can leave you more susceptible to injury.

Often those who train have ongoing nagging injuries that are always dealt with in the same manner, but never completely resolved. With a High Performance Assessment our clinicians complete a comprehensive assessment allowing us to develop a plan of care and approach that help you resolve these nagging issues for good.

Nutritional Program

Group Performance Nutrition Clinic

In this clinic we lay the foundation for sports performance nutrition to help our athletes understand how to use food to fuel their performance and recovery from their intense training sessions.  As part of the orientation session, all athletes will receive a nutrition guide. This guide includes:

  • Proper pre, during and post training nutrition
  • Tips on losing body fat + gaining lean muscle mass
  • Rest and recovery techniques
  • Delicious recipes to maximize results.

Additional Nutritional Programming

  • Individualized Meal Plans $250.00-$350.00
  • Initial assessment $90.00.  
  • Follow up sessions $60.00
  • Supermarket Smarts Grocery Store Tours (up to 6 participants per group)  (Jorie will bring interns to tour other groups at the same time so our cost is $150.00 for the entire group).

Sport Psychology

  • Group mental preparation sessions ($500/session)
  • Relaxation techniques, Breathing techniques, visualization and positive self talk techniques, goal setting techniques.
  • Individual Mental Training Sessions ($180.00/hour).  Some insurance plans may cover your sport psychology sessions.

To learn more about our addtional services please email us or call 204-925-5926 today.


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