Performance Softball

This program focuses on developing both upper and lower body strength to help enhance speed, reaction, body control, and rotary power. The program includes injury preventative exercises that are mindful of mobility, shoulder health, and common muscle imbalances that often develop from a high volume of softball practice and competition. 

All athletes will receive an individual TeamBuildr training account to complete their workouts, which allows our Sport Performance Specialists the ability to view workloads, track progress and customize the programs. The sessions can be purchased individually or as a small group.

Choose your program

Semi-Private Training
Semi-Private training is intended for athletes that have some experience with strength and conditioning, but require a program, monitoring, cueing, and/or access to an athlete-focused training facility. (1-3 sessions per week)

Personal Training
Personal Training is intended for athletes that have little experience with strength and conditioning and will require significant technical coaching. The goal is to eventually transfer the athlete to semi-private monitoring once an adequate level of skill has been reached.  (1-3 sessions per week)

Group Training
The ‘small group' option is intended for a group of athletes that are at a similar level of fitness and strength experience, require a program, coaching, and access to an athlete-focused training space.

For questions, assistance, or rate information, please email our Sport Performance Specialists


Our Sport Medicine Clinic offers a range of services, including radiology, physical therapy, and concussion care.… https://t.co/5d1vgWkvfP
RT : Great spending time with some of our crew before they head out to Swift Current in a few weeks for the… https://t.co/mfgi6ItXIv


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