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What is a Pedorthist?

A Canadian Certified Pedorthist – C. Ped (C) is a foot orthotic and orthopaedic footwear expert regulated by the College of Pedorthics of Canada. Members have to complete an internship of a minimum of 2000 hours in a pedorthic facility and must pass both written and oral exams with the College in order to become certified. They design, fit, and modify custom made orthotics and orthopaedic footwear. Pedorthists help alleviate pain, abnormalities, and debilitating conditions of the lower limbs and feet.

One of the largest utilizers of pedorthists is the sports industry, where subtle designs in athletic shoes can make it easier for the wearer to turn or relieve the stress of the foot impacting the ground at running speeds. This helps in stopping the problems you would need a podiatrist for before they occur.

Canadian Certified Pedorthists consult with patients based on a referral from physicians, nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers. Canadian Certified Pedorthists are unique from other orthotic experts because they do not both prescribe and dispense the treatment for their clients. Ultimately the goal of every C. Ped (C) is to help patients live an active life by using proper footwear, custom foot orthotics, over the counter insoles, and adjusting existing insoles or footwear.


Pedorthic Assessment: $69.00

Custom Foot Orthotic: $490.00