Golf Medicine Program

What is the Golf Medicine Program?

Everybody’s golf swing develops based on what his or her body is physically capable of doing. If you are physically incapable of attaining a certain position in your golf swing, your body will compensate. These compensations are what lead to injury and poor performance on the course.

At the Sport Manitoba Clinic, we offer a Performance Golf Program to identify these limitations and correct them. Our Titleist Performance Institute-certified physiotherapsit, Brian Buffie, a former member of the University of Manitoba Bison Men’s golf team, is committed to assessment and treatment of low to high handicap golfers.

Many of the top players in the world have a TPI certified expert on their team. You don’t need to be a top player to have access to these services. If the best players in the world can benefit, think of what it can do for your own game and body.  Our Performance Golf Program allows you to feel like one of the pros. 

This program is also available virtually.


Initial 90-minute consult: $135

Your program might include:

  •  Assessment of your golf swing and personal risk for injury
  • Golf-specific exercises to help address deficiencies identified in your physical assessment
  • Learn techniques golf pros are utilizing in their practice