Golf Medicine Program

Improve your performance on the course

About the program

Everybody’s golf swing develops based on what their body is physically capable of doing. If you are physically incapable of attaining a position in your golf swing, your body will compensate. These compensations can lead to injury and poor performance on the course.

We offer a Golf Medicine Program to identify your limitations and provide guidance and exercises to correct them. Our Titleist Performance Institute-certified physiotherapist, Brian Buffie, a former member of the University of Manitoba Bison Men’s golf team, is committed to assessing and treating low to high-handicap golfers.

Many of the top players in the world have a TPI-certified expert on their team. You don’t need to be a top player to access these services. If the best players in the world can benefit, think of what it can do for your own game and body. Our Golf Medicine Program allows you to feel like one of the pros.

Most extended health plans cover physiotherapy, including the Golf Medicine Program assessment. 

90-minute assessment: $135

brian buffie adjusting a client in front of a golf simulator screen

brian buffie helping a client work on his golf swing in the sport manitoba clinic

brian buffie demonstrates golf swing to a client

Your assessment and lessons will take place at 145 Pacific Ave using our state-of-the-art golf simulator. 

Add ons:

Golf Lessons

Make the most of your program with lessons with our PGA of Canada professional, Jared Ladobruk.

Jared has twenty years of experience as a PGA of Canada member and is also a former member of the University of Manitoba golf team.

Lessons are only available as an add-on to your Golf Medicine Program assessment. Please book your initial appointment to get started. 

Lesson details: 

  • All lessons are 45 minutes
  • Single lesson: $60
  • Pack of three lessons: $160
  • Available Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning (S&C) services are available through the team at Sport Manitoba Performance. Your S&C program will be built based on your assessment and as a collaboration between Brian Buffie and Sport Manitoba Performance's sport science specialists. Your S&C schedule can be customized to your availability and budget.

Ask Brian for more information about strength and conditioning options during your assessment.


If you need more information about the program, email us at or call 204-925-5944.