Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy


Physical Therapists are allied health professionals who treat people for muscle, bone, and joint conditions impairing or limiting their ability to move and perform everyday activities and/or sport and recreational activities. They help athletes, and community members alike return to work and play after injury, surgery, or illness.

Therapists working in Sport Medicine and Orthopaedics complete a comprehensive initial assessment and create a care plan to get you back to the activities that matter; such as returning to work, running a 5k, or competing at a high-performance level.

Who We Treat

Patients of all ages with sport and non-sport injuries are welcome. This includes workplace injuries, accidents, MPI claims and repetitive strain injuries. Our goal is to manage and treat pain regardless of if you’re a high performance athlete or you lead a relatively sedentary life. We offer professional athlete level care to all our patients to ensure the best possible outcomes. 

Patient care is always one-on-one which means clinicians do not treat multiple patients at the same time. Our appointment times are also longer, giving us time to form a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our clinicians work directly with coaches, parents, doctors/surgeons, and other team members, to ensure your visit is exceptional and your recovery is as fast as possible.

In Manitoba, you don’t need a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist in a private clinic.  Extended health plans usually cover physiotherapy treatment. Contact your private health insurance provider to learn more about your unique physical therapy benefits.


Initial Assessment: $90.00

Concussion Initial Assessment: $130.00

High Performance Assessments with Baseline Test: $125.00

Follow-up Appointments: $70.00

Your Program Might Include:

  • Functional movement training to maximize your body awareness and how your body moves through space

  • Functional exercise program
  • Education regarding activity modification, body mechanics, anatomy, and the pathology or your particular injury
  • Return to activity, return to sport, and return to work long term planning for every patient
  • Joint mobilization and myofascial release as indicated
  • Pain relieving modalities such as ultrasound and muscle stimulation as indicated
  • High Performance Assessment
  • Acupuncture and Gokavi Transverse Technique
  • Custom Orthotics