By Sam Cortes, Communications Coordinator

Every month leading up to the 2022 Canada Summer Games, we’ll feature one of the dedicated coaches who spend countless hours giving back to sport.

Let’s get to know Male Softball coach David Muswaggon!



How long have you been coaching this sport? 

13 years. I started coaching when my son played on a minor team and required a coach. 

What is your favourite thing about coaching?

Coming to the kids’ level, interacting with them, learning patience, and enjoying being a mentor to train kids to become good athletes and respectable citizens off the field.

How is your team preparing for the Games this summer?

Athletes are training on their own, we discuss our individual and team plans, and we are doing goal setting what we wish to accomplish.



What is something you do to stay motivated and connected as a team? 

The love of the game and strong team comradery.


What is the most important thing you want your team to remember/know going into the 2022 Canada Games? 

How we wish to present ourselves professionally as individuals and as a team.