By Sam Cortes, Communications Coordinator

Leading up to the 2023 Canada Winter Games, we are featuring the dedicated coaches who spend countless hours giving back to sport. Let’s get to know Biathlon Coach Mark Naylor!


How long have you been coaching this sport?

Three years.


What is your favourite coaching memory/story/moment?

Finally being able to travel this year to the Canadian Biathlon Championships after three years, watching my athletes excitement at being able to race, and coming away from every event with a smile. 


Who was/is your role model in sport?

My old coach and friend Rachel Koroscil. She gives a level of energy and dedication to sport, which I aspire to be able to give. I can easily attribute much of my love for biathlon to her coaching. 



What does a typical practice look like for your team?

A practice that never goes out of style year round is easily our aerobic capacity sessions! You can find us out for runs, cycles or skis and talking about anything under the sun. 


What are the team goals for the 2023 Canada Games?

Win a medal or two and see the ocean. Hopefully in that order.  


Any words of wisdom for Team Toba athletes?

Always thank the volunteers at your game!