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(Winnipeg, August 15, 2017)  The 2017 Canada Summer Games Host Society and Co-Hosts today announced the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Sport Equipment Legacy program as a key piece in the future development of Manitoba’s athletes as well as the promotion of healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries involvement as the presenting sponsor of the Canada Games Sport Equipment Legacy Program reflects their longstanding commitment to amateur sport in the province. Thanks to their support, the next generation of Manitoban athletes will have increased access to the range and quality of equipment used at national and international sporting competitions. It will also serve as a province-wide, ongoing reminder of the Games legacy of sport, culture, diversity, and community.

“We’re proud to play a part in the enhancement of community programming across Manitoba for years to come,” remarked Jeff Hnatiuk, President and CEO, 2017 Canada Summer Games.  “A wide variety of venue/facilities-related equipment to support sport delivery and sport assets will be passed on to local sports organizations which, in turn, benefit young athletes as well as promote physical activity.”

Venue-related equipment upgrades will enhance Manitoba’s ability to host future events, improve the competition and training infrastructure available to athletes, and further sport participation across the province.  Along with the physical upgrades there were also opportunities for increased skills and knowledge capacity of volunteers and staff as they experienced the equipment.  

  • Athletics: swiss timing electronics to create and verify results  

  • Baseball: upgrades to the scoreboard at Whittier Park and Elmwood Giants Field

  • Beach Volleyball: referee stands and nets   

  • Rowing: docks, pontoon boat, start tower

  • Softball: a batting cage and breakaway fencing

  • Soccer: upgrades to the scoreboards

  • Swimming: lane rope markers and timing equipment upgrades including electronic touch pads

  • Tennis: roller squeegees for tennis courts

  • Wrestling: one set of mats has been earmarked for the school in Cross Lake, MB.

Having access to brand new sports equipment is a big boost to up and coming athletes as well as those training at an elite level.  Assets include but are not limited to:

  • Baseball: 480 competition level baseballs

  • Basketball: 144 competition basketballs

  • Beach volleyball: 24 high level beach volleyballs

  • Soccer: 184 competition soccer balls

  • Softball: 340 competition level softballs

  • Tennis: 1,500 tennis balls

  • Volleyball: 120 competition volleyballs


Government of Canada

“The Canada Games always make a major impact on host cities and leave an enduring mark on the host region,” said the Honourable Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities. “The Canada Games have left lasting legacies for future athletes and the communities of Winnipeg, Gimli and Kenora by donating sporting equipment that will be used for years to come. In addition, with new facilities—like the Canada Games Sport For Life Centre—and improvements to others, the Canada Games continue to be a catalyst for the growth of sport and recreation. The Government of Canada is committed to developing athletes, coaches, infrastructure and programming to make and keep Canada one of the top sporting nations in the world.”

Province of Manitoba

“Though the 2017 Canada Summer Games have wrapped up, the memories will last a lifetime for Manitobans involved, whether as a competitor, a coach, a volunteer, a spectator or organizer,” said Rochelle Squires, Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage. “The province of Manitoba is proud to have been a partner and is grateful our future generations will be able to benefit from the legacy of the games through facilities like the Sport For Life Centre, contributions to culture and French language services and the stories that will live on in our hearts.”

City of Winnipeg

“The 2017 Canada Summer Games were the source of tremendous excitement to Winnipeg, and there were plenty of other benefits as well,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “4000 athletes, over 20,000 tourists and the eyes of the nation were upon us. New and refurbished sports facilities, the donation of sporting equipment, motivated volunteers, and skilled translators are all part of the legacy that will continue to support Winnipeg as a leading tourist destination and make sure the city we all love leaves a positive, lasting impression on those who visit.”

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

“Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries is proud to be the Legacy Partner and Presenting Partner of the Sport Equipment Legacy Program for the 2017 Canada Summer Games,” said Peter Hak, President and CEO. “Through this partnership, the Games will  leave a lasting legacy of sport facility upgrades and sporting equipment that will benefit Manitoba athletes and our community for years to come.”


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