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Resource Highlight - Training DVD

Age Appropriate Training 1: Dynamic warm-up, Core strength, and Agility

This coach friendly DVD, which has easy to implement drills for the Learn to Train (Females: 8-11, and Males: 9-12) and Train to Train (Females: 11-15 and Males: 12-16) age group athletes has been sport engineered by the Sport Medicine and Science Council of Manitoba.

It features developmental athletes in age appropriate drills and is the first of a series of multi-sport videos dealing with the crucial subject of Long Term Athlete Development.

Sample clips from the DVD

Age Appropriate Training 2: Games with a Purpose

The 2nd in the series of LTAD DVD’s from Sport Manitoba is the Games with a Purpose DVD.

Games with a Purpose focuses on teaching 6 fundamental physical literacy’s (Balance, Running, Jumping, Throwing, Catching & Striking) as well as great age appropriate mental training activities. The DVD is intended for parents, early childcare educators, teachers and coaches working with athletes in the Active Start and FUNdamentals stages of the LTAD model, specifically 4-8 year olds.

Developed in partnership with Sport Manitoba, Sport Medicine and Science Council of Manitoba along with sport expertise from Athletics Canada, Baseball Canada, Gymnastics, Canadian Soccer Association & Softball Canada. The DVD shows 3 fun activities & games to reinforce the participant’s acquisition each of the 6 literacy’s.

Age Appropriate Training 3: Strength, Speed and Testing

This coach friendly DVD highlights the speed and strength development though easy to implement drills for the Learn to Train ( Females 8-11, and Males 9-12) and Train to Train ( Females 11-15 and Males 12-16) age group athletes. The DVD also includes Field tests and demonstrates testing protocol for establishing Peak Height Velocity, ( a key practice in establishing windows of trainability)

The drills have been endorsed by the Sport Medicine and Science Council of Manitoba.

Age Appropriate Training 4: More than just Games - preview coming soon

More than just Games is a video with 60 games reviewed by our physical education and early childhood educator experts as well as the Coaching Manitoba advisory board that teaches a variety of physical literacy in a variety of areas

1. On the ice from the experts in hockey, figure skating, speed skating and curling
2. Indoors from the experts in gymnastics, basketball, volleyball and combative sports
3. Outdoors from the experts in athletics, football, soccer and cross country ski
4. In the water from the experts in swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming and wake board/water ski
5. And also with implements from the experts at golf, badminton, tennis, baseball and softball

Physical literacy skills are key to being active for life. Early years of childhood are key times to acquire physical literacy skills. Teachers, early childhood educators, coaches and parents are key people to teach physical literacy skills. More than just Games is a resource for teachers, early childhood educators, coaches and parents that allows them to easily teach physical literacy skills in a fun manner so youth can acquire the physical literacy skills to allow them to be active for life.

How To Purchase DVDs

All our DVDs can be purchased for just $15 each (incl. taxes & shipping).

To order the DVD's -  Please contact Coaching Mantioba at 204-925-5913 or click here to place an order


"I've been using the dynamic warmup on 2 out of 3 of our weekly gymnastics practices since the workshop in Swan River (Bowsman) in January. My choice to use it 2/3 of the time was to evaluate it, to some degree, and to see if my athletes noticed a difference...The difference has been noticeable, not only to me and my gymnasts, but also to their parents! I've noticed that it really has improved their vault approach/takeoff power. The girls have begun to request it on the nights when we do the standard (competition style) warmup. As for their parents, I'm getting questions as to what it is that we're doing differently, and one of the parents commented last week that her daughter (age 10, 60 lbs), ate SIX whole pancakes for supper after practice! My approach with this has been to 'pick 6 from the bag of tricks', using variety and mixing them up from practice to practice. I absolutely love it, and am so appreciative of the clinic!"

Monica Parsons
Cheetahs Gymnastics

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