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A home study course is available for Introduction to Part A and Introduction to Part B, as well as Making Ethical Decisions (MED) the Competition Development modules of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). A home study course is just that -- a course you study at home, on your own time. To be eligible for the NCCP home study course in Part A or Part B; you must:

  • Be actively coaching
  • Explain your extenuating circumstances (circumstances which prevent a coach from accessing a regular course because of lack of availability during acceptable times or because of distance)
  • Have completed the Theory Level 1 or Introduction to Part A course before you are eligible to apply for the Introduction to Part B home study course
  • Have complete the Theory Level 2 or Introduction to Part B course before you are eligible to apply for the Competition Development modules.

If you are eligible, and wish to apply for home study, complete the application form and mail, along with payment, to:

Coaching Manitoba
145 Pacific Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3B 2Z6

Please make cheques out to SPORT MANITOBA

Fees for Home study are $150 for Part A and $150 for Part B.  Fees for Making Ethical Decisions (MED) are $50 and $80 per Competition Development module or $480 for all 6 modules.

NCCP Home Study Application Form

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