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Manitoba coaches required to re-take Respect in Sport course

Things like bullying, discrimination and even abuse. They’re just some of the many difficulties kids may face. To help identify issues, every coach in Manitoba must take the Respect in Sport course. But starting now, they will be required to re-take it every five years.

Roughly 50,000 people across the province have passed the program since it was made mandatory in 2007. Up to 8,000 coaches will have to be re-certified by next April. The course has been updated to include topics such as cyber-bullying, hazing and gender identification.

Updated course includes

  • Modification to reflect change to age of consent legislation
  • Increased messaging pertaining to Hazing
  • Increased messaging  about Cyber Bullying, Discrimination effecting Lesbian, Gay and Transgender athletes
  • Social Media concerns
  • Widened the scope of the program to include any person of power/authority
  • Shortened completion time to 2.5 hours
  • Mobile friendly


Respect in Sport is now available with a five year window of recertification. Take the new course here

Take RiS course

If you do not complete the RiS Activity Leader program by this time, you will receive an email from the Respect Group letting you know that you are no longer active. Anyone who has taken the RiS program in the last four years will receive an email from the Respect Group when their certification is up for renewal.  


If you have any questions or concerns please view our frequently asked questions or contact Gena Cook 204-925-5692 or email.

2009 Coach Survey


  • 65.2% of coaches said due to the RIS training, they are more likely to respond to incidents of bullying, harassment and abuse with positive strategies.
  • 82.9% of coaches thought RIS made them more aware of their role in teaching respect in the sport environment


  • “Made me more aware of the influence a coach can have on a child’s life”
  • “Greater awareness of various types of positive and negative behaviours within sport”
  • "I'm more aware of the language I use while coaching. A lot of the bullying that goes on at the pool is verbal, and I'm more aware now that my vocabulary could impact the children's' vocabularies, making them more likely to repeat a word I might use in the effort to bully another child"

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