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Paul Robson Resource Centre

The Paul Robson Resource Centre for Leadership and Coaching encourages efficient use of community resources and promotes cooperation and sharing among the sport community. The Resource Centre brings together a variety of partners within the sport community, maximizing the number and types of resources available to the community. Here leaders will find the equipment and resources necessary to further their growth and development as athletes, coaches, officials and community leaders.

The Paul Robson Resource Centre for Leadership and Coaching includes a library (books, DVDs, etc.) along with a computer lab available for public use and the delivery of sport education programs. Please see a full listing of resources on the menu to the right (or the top if you are viewing on mobile).

For More Information

Canada Games Sport for Life Centre
Second Floor
145 Pacific Avenue
Winnipeg Manitoba R3B 2Z6

Gena Cook
Coaching Administrator
Phone: 204.925.5692

A special thanks to the Winnipeg Foundation for partnering with us to make the Paul Robson Resource Centre a reality.

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