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Sport Manitoba Opens Phase 2 of the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre – The Qualico Training Centre

Canada Games Sport for Life Centre Ready to Host 2017 Canada Summer Games

Winnipeg, MB - Sport Manitoba proudly hosted a Grand Opening ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Qualico Training Centre today. The Canada Games Sport for Life Centre is ready to host the 2017 Canada Summer Games.Canada Games Sport for Life Centre Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The most significant capital legacy project for the 2017 Canada Summer Games is the construction of Phase 2 of the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre. The 124,000 square foot Qualico Training Centre features three fully convertible court spaces, strength and conditioning areas, aerobic training space, plyometric training and testing, and an indoor training track.

Sport Manitoba's Board of Directors and staff have been working on turning the dream of a Sport for Life Centre into reality for the last twelve years," said David Patsack, Chair of Sport Manitoba's Board of Directors. "This Centre and the programming it offers profoundly changes Manitoba's sport landscape. We will be working hard in the coming years to fully realize the Centre's potential."

The Canada Games Sport for Life Centre focuses on learning, sharing, mentoring, and growing. From the development of basic skills for kids and families to the training of Manitoba's Own the Podium athletes, the Centre serves as a hub for education, skill-building, and research.

“I’d like to thank all of those donors who supported this ambitious project - it is going to have a huge impact on sport in Manitoba and the core of Winnipeg,” says Capital Campaign Co-Chair Paul Robson. “I’d like to thank everyone on the fundraising team, but I particularly want to thank those generous Manitobans who made this dream possible for all of us.  

The Canada Games Sport for Life Centre is ready to host the Games’ basketball and indoor volleyball events. The three fully convertible court spaces will be transformed into a basketball venue in Week 1 and volleyball in Week 2 of the Games. These events will be the first-ever major amateur sport competitions held in the Centre. Event tickets can be purchased at  The Centre will also host media and a VIP lounge.Athletes Break Through the Banner at Canada Games Sport for Life Centre Opening Ceremonies

"The 2017 Canada Summer Games will leave a lasting legacy of new and enhanced sport facilities, volunteer and leadership development that will benefit athletes and the broader community for years to come," said Jeff Hnatiuk, President & CEO, 2017 Host Society. "This facility is about more than just infrastructure, it's a unique and powerful place focused on community capacity building, leadership development and training, sport medicine research and treatment, and sport and healthy living activities and education."

The Qualico Training Centre provides seamless transition between training, coaching, testing, and therapy, which is a first in Canada. The sport expertise, fitness, training, coaching and medical expertise available will be put to use in the Training Centre to provide programming for local schools, community groups, amateur sport teams, elite athletes and those that live or work downtown. 

“The Canada Games Sport for Life Centre is a great new fixture in the downtown area that will not only serve the athletic community, it will provide a safe environment for youth to stay fit, develop their skills and push their abilities as they reach for their full potential,” said Kevin Van, Vice President of Qualico.

"Sport Manitoba has been an invaluable partner to The Salvation Army over the past few years. Our addictions program focuses on helping individuals to heal mentally, spiritually and physically, and having the opportunity to use the Canada Games Sport for Life Fitness Centre each week has been an integral part of that process, said Jordan Thompson, Communications Coordinator with the Salvation Army’s Prairie Division. “We are thrilled to stand beside Sport Manitoba as they celebrate the opening of their new facility, and look forward to seeing all of the ways it will benefit our communities now and in the future."Grand Opening Canada Games Sport for Life Centre

Our Fitness Centre features a three-lane, 160-metre track encircling the entire building overlooking the court space below and city vistas on three sides of the facility.  A fitness studio with hardwood floors, mirrors and dance bars anchors the south-east corner.  On the far side, you'll find strength and conditioning areas, as well as weight, cardio, and core equipment to help you achieve health and wellness.  And a dedicated spin studio rounds out the options for every taste and ability. Drop in for a yoga, spin or TRX class or work with a personal trainer. 

“The Canada Games Sport for Life Centre is finally complete and what a wonderful addition to Winnipeg’s downtown,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “This facility will contribute to making downtown living even better by creating a stronger neighbourhood atmosphere. It was great to purchase the first Fitness Centre membership, and I’m looking forward to making use of this world class facility.”

Fitness Centre classes open to the public tomorrow. The Canada Games Sport for Life Centre is offering a Grand Opening one-year membership for $399. This offer includes 100 fitness classes and expires August 31, 2017. Memberships can be purchased online. 


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