Creating a Family

By Keyanna B. Ouellette

Here in Thompson we don’t get to experience wrestling as a sport. It was very nice to meet a group a girls who have a passion for it. Winnipeg blue Athlete Peytyn Senka, with her friends Natalie Gratton and Maya Kattenfeld for Winnipeg Gold, explain their experiences here in Manitoba Winter Games.

“It is a very comfortable stay, the coaches are nice and great to work with. It is nice to be able to learn different styles from new people,” Kattenfeld said, and the others agree with her.

These young girls explained and demonstrated different techniques, that way I could understand what they were talking about. They showed how proper pins should look, and asked to come watch. Never seeing things before, it was fascinating.

“It is an individual sport,” Gratton said.

“We help each other out,” Kattenfeld added.

“We create a bond that is more like a family,” Senka finished. The girls find wrestling uplifting: it helped them gain confidence in their body, along with the helpful and encouraging people they worked with. They explained that because you have to get close to your opponent, you become supportive and non-judgmental. Watching these girls compete you see the friendship and family supporting them. 

These girls are confident in who they are and what they do. “If I moved and there wasn’t a wrestling team, it wouldn’t feel like home. Home is where I can wrestle and be who I am,” Senka says, explaining that being competing is a home.

The passion that the girls have towards their sport helps them succeed, and it’s great to see our youth find a home in wrestling. The reason being is that they have another safe place outside of their home, and people that will support them on their journey. It was a great time talking to these girls and seeing their hard work in competition.



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