What is a Combine?

Fitness Testing Combines are one-stop-shops to get all of your pre, mid, and post-season testing completed in one quick session and receive instant results.

Athletes will run through upper and lower body power and strength tests, as well as speed, agility, and quickness drills. These are standard fitness tests that all athletes will see at one point in their sporting career should they want to play at a higher level such as Club, Provincial University/College, or National teams. 

Combines are open to all athletes, from all sports and levels to challenge themselves in a fun testing environment. Our combines use state-of-the-art sport testing equipment paired with an online results summary platform to track progress and monitor long-term athlete development goals. 


Open to All Athletes

Athletes: Get baseline testing done for speed, agility, strength and power in a fun environment while learning about sport protocols. 

Coaches: Get testing done for your entire team efficiently at low cost, and have their results reviewed by our sport performance specialists. 

Parents: Learn about the sport development pathway and ask questions about strength and conditioning for your kids.



  • Available on October 26, 2019
  • Morning and afternoon time slots