The Hall of Fame is growing!

You won’t notice this as a visitor, but the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame has recently expanded!  We now have a new storage room for the museum collection in the new part of the Sport Manitoba building.

The new 400 square foot room was allocated to provide a better environment for priority artifacts such as archival materials and garments. The additional space will also allow the collection to continue to grow.  There is currently over 17,000 artifacts, photographs and archival materials in the museum collection, with well over 500 items acquired each year.  Needless to say, the original storage room was starting to fill up.

Thank you to Sport Manitoba, who allocated the space in the Phase II building for our unique museum collection, which documents the rich history of sport in our province.

Thank you also to The Winnipeg Foundation and the Heritage Grants Program who helped to fund the purchase of the new high density storage shelving, and computer equipment and furniture to create a small workspace in the new room.


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