By Neal Prokop, Sport Performance Specialist

With COVID-19 having us all limited to our basements and home gym fitness rooms, now might be a great time to make some additions to your training space!  It’s been a tough call, but here are my five favourite pieces of equipment that I think are a must-have.

TRX Suspension Training Kit

The TRX Training Kit uses your body weight, and gravity, as resistance to help you build strength, balance, coordination and joint stability. You can often target various areas of your body while simultaneously working your core, and most importantly, by shifting your body positioning (eg: feet placement), you can adjust the load instantaneously to ensure your body is challenged. This single apparatus allows you to switch from exercise to exercise in seconds. Hang it from a beam, or on the other side of a door and you’re set to go!

Cost: ~$199.00 (More info)

Here are a few TRX exercises to try!



Mini-Bands are one of the most cost-efficient pieces of equipment we have in our performance centre, and we use them almost daily with our younger athletes. They provide just enough resistance to deliver the muscle burn we crave. Whether we put them around the ankles, shins, thighs or forearms, the subtle resistance targets our stabilizing muscles, helps us move better, and can sometimes cue the body into a more efficient position.

Cost: ~$20.00 for a full set. White Lion is a local company that sells mini-bands (More info)

Here are a few of our favorite mini-band exercises.


Adjustable Dumbbells (or Kettlebells)

Adjustable dumbbells instantly increase the number of exercises you can do at home. Although pricey, the equipment is probably worth the cost for older athletes who need at least some type of external loading to challenge their body. Different levels or sets can be purchased, ranging all the way up to 90 lbs. Purchasing one set at a time means parents and athletes don’t necessarily need to buy everything at once. Most importantly, they can easily be stored, take up minimal space, and are unbelievably durable. I purchased my set of used powerblocks back in 2009 and have had them ever since!

Cost: ~$159 – $999. Be mindful of shipping, best to purchase in-store. (More info)



Core Sliders

This one squeaked on to my list for three main reasons. 1) They take up no space, 2) They’re versatile and 3) They’re inexpensive. Sliders turn your flooring into an instant slide board, and open up a wide range of exercises such as reverse lunges, mountain climbers, push up modifications, and body saws. Depending on your flooring, you might be able to substitute sliders for a dish-towel.

Cost: ~$30.00.  Several options on amazon.  (Click here for example)

Here are a few of our favorite slide board exercises that you could substitute Core Sliders for!


Exercise or Yoga Mat

And finally, last but not least, everyone needs an exercise or yoga mat. Without carpet, I personally think it is a must have! And even with carpet, from a hygiene and rug-burn standpoint, it’s still a good idea. For planks, mobility, and other ground-based exercises, the exercise mat allows a level of comfort you just can’t replace.

Cost: <$20.00 from Winners or Marshalls.



Try incorporating these equipment pieces into a home gym!  For questions and support, always reach out to

Stay healthy and happy training!

Your Performance Team