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A Little Competition Between The Boys And Girls

By: Keyanna B. Ouellette

Lock'n'Load Paintball hosted an Escape Room for the athletes in the villages this week: the rooms are full of clues and the athletes have to try to figure out how the doctor died and what he left behind before time ran out. The times were logged, so others can try to beat the previous teams.

The boys cross country team finished the room with 20 minutes left on the clock on Monday night: their excitement was over the top when the time stopped. On Tuesday night, the room was over at the female village, and the girls were determined to beat the boys team so they could brag on the bus ride back home. The girls pulled through and left the room with 19 minutes on the time, beating the boys by one minute.

The alpine ski team was up next! The boys held a record of 12 minutes left on the clock. The girls knew they had a tough challenge ahead, but accomplished their goal and made it out of the room with only 10 minutes on the time. A little friendly competition was just enough to help them pull through.

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