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2018 Manitoba Winter Games Thanks Coach! Recipients

Congratulations to all our Thanks Coach! recipients during the 2018 Manitoba Winter Games powered by Manitoba Hydro.

Winnipeg Blue

David Dunwoody, Archery

John Neuert, Curling

Karen Gutknecht, Gymnastics

Katey Beach, Gymnastics

Bryn Kirby, Cross Country Ski

Bill Gendron, Speed Skating


Dale Kinley, Badminton

Marilee Moss, Cross Country Ski

Kelly Tibble. Curling

Dale Lott. Curling

Amy Cassel. Gymnastics

Kevin Dyck. Ringette

Winnipeg Gold

Mano Navarro, Badminton

Kristin Madsen, Cross Country Ski

Frank Walter, Curling

Rob Cote, Ringette

Rachel Cherka, Ringette

Shannon Griffith, Ringette


Adrienne Campbell, Curling

Grant Brown, Curling

John Loxton, Curling

Sandra Tibble, Curling

Rachel McIvor, Ringette


Pierre De Moissac, Archery

Scott Schalla, Badminton

Steven Weibe, Cross Country Ski

Albert Bazinet, Curling

Conan Kezema, Curling


Brand Stevenson, Badminton

Terry Jackson, Curling

Dale Little, Curling

Pat Leech, Figure Skating

Michael Clark, Wrestling


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Great weather and a great cause!
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