Figure skater lights Cauldron, looking forward to next Games

By: Katharine Gallagher

Megan Szabo has skated for over 10 years and was one of the two figure skaters representing Thompson in this year’s 2018 Manitoba Games powered by Manitoba Hydro. Megan’s time at the Games was not only exciting, but nerve-racking as well.

She was one of the six torch bearers for these Games, which was quite the honour, but she admitted to being nervous about having to walk out in front of everyone during the Opening Ceremonies. She was the anchor of the six and lit the cauldron at the end.

Thursday evening, she skated her Pre-Novice short program, which didn’t go quite as planned due to nerves. She was disappointed in her skate but brushed it off, after landing her double toe, one of her harder jumps. Friday evening, she performed her Pre-Novice long program, determined to do better than Thursday’s skate.

On the not-so-scary end of things, she had a lot of fun and enjoyed her experience. One of her favourite parts was staying at the village with the athletes. She stayed at the Burntwood Elementary School with all the other female figure skaters. She loved meeting everyone in her division, and made new friends. The school held lots of activities for the athletes including arts and crafts, sports, and games. She also enjoyed watching other sports like gymnastics and badminton she wouldn’t normally see during a figure skating competition.

From feeling waves of nerves to rushes of excitement, her overall experience was a good one -  one she wishes to have again. She was more than honored to represent Thompson in the 2018 Manitoba Games powered by Manitoba Hydro and was focused on having fun.

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