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Sportsmanship on the Mats

By: Keyanna B. Ouellette

The 2018 Manitoba Winter Games powered by Manitoba Hydro kicked this morning off with the last gymnastics event of the week.

Looking out onto the floor there is an obvious bond between the girls. Each team supports and cheers one another throughout their routines. Watching this week's events, you truly can see the sportsmanship between the athletes on the floor and the audience.

Yesterday, one of the athletes fell. She didn't want to do the run again and was ready to give up. The gym filled with encouragement and support for her and her second attempt. The audience worked their magic and she was up again; standing tall and ready for action.

On the bleachers today were teams from other sports, supporting their teammates and friends. These girls put hours upon hours of training towards competitions and having full support from others helps them strive for success.

The girls were glowing today and the crowd was wild. Cheering on their old and new friends they created bonds of new and kept old ones too. The support and sportsmanship they have with each other spreads positive vibes throughout the room. They may have conflicts, but on the floor they have full support and all the negativity is left behind.

After meeting one another in the villages it’s easy to see new friendships have formed. Having the young athletes stay together truly benefits them and encourages them to use good sportsmanship among their peers. At the end of the day they are happy with their performances and in their eyes everyone wins. The shared confidence and support among the teams makes this Games experience unforgettable.

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