Training for Success: Kaitlyn Towel

March 5

by: Keyanna B. Oullette

Starting bright and early in the morning, Winnipeg Gold gymnasts train for their upcoming events. These girls strive with confidence and hard work, all aiming towards the same goal of a lifetime experience.

One of these athletes is Kaitlyn Towel, 12 years old and competing on the Winnipeg Gold team, travelled to Thompson in hope of being successful with her routines. Her confidence and cheerfulness brightens the room when she states, “It is an independent trip. For being only 12, and travelling without my parents, the atmosphere makes it seem like home by hanging out with others”.

Coming from Winnipeg athletes are used to their equipment and are familiar with their environment. Having a days travel and moving into a new atmosphere can make an athlete feel overwhelmed and nervous with the new location. Towel explained that while it was very different from her practice area back home, “Having the time this morning really was nice to be able to get used to the equipment before competing”.

The first night in the village was more of a “grab food and sleep” kind of night after being a part of the Opening Ceremonies, but Towel says that it was a fun night, and she had enjoyed the performances and dances that where shown.

It was truly an experience for our city to see the arena filled with support for our young athletes like Kaitlyn Towel. We wish Towel and her competitors the best of luck for this week. We’d like to see athletes like Towel, who have put all this time and effort into training, walk out of the Games with a sense of accomplishment, and glowing with more confidence than before they came here. For our youth, it is an experience that they will remember forever, and we’d like to help make that experience better by cheering on our athletes who travelled here this week.

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