Gymnastics at the Manitoba Games


A View on Gymnastics

By: Keyanna B. Ouellette

Our day began with the first round of gymnastic competitions.The intensity of the focus and training these girls have truly showed in their performances. The gym was full of parents, friends, fans, and supporters cheering on our young athletes.

Team South’s vaulting was amazing to experience. Their technique and hard work amazed the audience. Brynn Reynolds competing in the Pre-Pro 10-11, had a beautiful vault, looking graceful and effortless. Anabelle Babage competed in the same category, and on her first run had a perfect vault. The way she dismounted and presented caught the judge’s eyes. As she ran back to her team her smile glowed and sent confident vibes through the gym.

Team East’s floor routines were breathtaking. The audience rose to their feet as a perfect score went all around. Moving on to the vault, Amy Goldworthy gives the best vault I’ve seen all morning.

Nevaya Simard, the only Team North competitor this morning, put on a great performance. Her teammates cheered her on along with her coaches and fans from on the bleachers.

Overall, these athletes are so talented and they show it!

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