By Sarah Tone, Communications Coordinator

The Olympics and Paralympics are an exhilarating time as the world’s greatest athletes compete for a spot on the podium after years of hard work and training. Along with the athletes, there are dedicated coaches, officials, and support staff, too, who have been eagerly preparing for this event.

This year’s Winter Olympics begin Friday, February 4 and close on Sunday, February 20, 2022 and the Paralympics begin March 4 and close on March 13, 2022.

Show your provincial pride and join us in cheering on these Manitobans in Beijing!



*= Team Manitoba alumni



Ashton Bell*

Kristen Campbell*

Jocelyne Larocque


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Speed Skating

Tyson Langelaar*

Heather McLean*

Alexa Scott*


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Jennifer Jones

Kaitlyn Lawes*

Dawn McEwen

Jocelyn Peterman


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Wheelchair Curling

Dennis Thiessen


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Jeff Stoughton



Speed Skating

Trevis Boyd


Support Staff

Jill Officer Athlete Mentor – Curling

Reece Derraugh Equipment Technician – Speed Skating

Adrian Honish – Deputy Lead of Performance Technology/Performance Analysis

Hans Wuthrich – Chief Ice Technician (curling), International Ice Consultant


Congratulations and best of luck to each of these talented individuals who are representing Manitoba and Canada in Beijing at the Olympics!