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Sport psychology involves managing thoughts and emotions to maximize sport potential at practices and competitions. This may involve many things such as learning more about yourself, managing distractions, and managing your life outside of sport so that it does not interfere with (and may even enhance) peak performance.

What does working with a sport psychologist look like?

In general, the sport psychologist will meet with you, spend some time asking you some questions, get a feel for how they might be most helpful, and then the two of you will work collaboratively to best meet your needs. Sport psychology services are offered through the Sport Medicine Centre and are provided by both psychologists and mental trainers. A referral form will be completed so that an approriate service provider can be secured.


The fee for service will vary depending on the experience of the provider. If you plan to use extended health to cover the cost of service, please inform us so that a licensed provider is found.

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Sport Psychology Testimonals

Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood asked several athletes who have worked with a sport psychologist at the Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba to provide their insights on sport psychology, and below are some direct quotations from them:

  • "They help you focus on your sport, deal with distractions and outside influences. They help you to prepare and to be prepared for all kinds of circumstances that might present themselves. They equip you with the tools to deal with all kinds of situations...winning, losing, conflict etc. An invaluable tool."
  • "A sport psychologist helps prepare you mentally, not only for competitions but to deal with fear or anxiety, coach/athlete relationships, and building stronger team dynamics."
  • "I think a lot of it is putting the person in the right frame of mind, feeling confident, and putting things in perspective."
  • "Simplifies things. Keeps you focused on your goals. Eliminates distractions. Is a neutral party to talk to and work through all kinds of stuff."
  • "A sport psychologist helps you to control your emotions when you get in top pressure situations, and how to perform at your absolute best."