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Our team has over 40 years of combined experience working in sport medicine. We use advanced rehabilitative techniques and an individualized plan of care to get YOU back to your life.

We work directly with coaches, parents, doctors/surgeons, and other team members to ensure your visit is exceptional and your recovery the fastest possible. Our specially trained therapists and sport medicine physicians will provide appropriate effective treatment, no matter what your injury is. We will help you recover from all injuries including recovering from orthopaedic surgery, back injuries, work injuries, or any sports-related injuries.

Rickie Walkden
Dr. Gail Sawa
Dr. Cembroski
Evelyn Ashton
Osteopathic Manual Practitioner
Sarah Hall
Physical Therapist
Holly Allen
Physical Therapist
Brian Buffie
Physical Therapist
Collin Rody
Physical Therapist
Kirk Cook
Custom Foot Orthotics
Antonio Mangilit
Massage Therapist
Chris Hyde
Sport Nutrition
Elizabeth Tycholiz
Adminstrative Assistant
Mikayla Pacholek
Administrative Assistant
Christine Van Deynze
Administrative Assistant
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