Welcoming Dr. Gail Sawa to the team!

Dr. Sawa PictureThe Sport Medicine Clinic is excited to welcome a new full-time physician to our team, Dr. Gail Sawa! Dr. Sawa will service patients looking to see a physician for musculoskeletal injuries, chronic and overuse musculoskeletal disorders, joint injections, nerve entrapment syndromes, foot and ankle disorders, spine-related pain, and more.

Dr. Sawa is now accepting new patient bookings.

Get to Know Dr. Sawa

Dr. Sawa has completed various degrees from the University of Manitoba and has earned her Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation (physical therapy), Master of Science, Bachelor Science in Medicine, and Doctor of Medicine. 

Her expertise in anatomy was reflected in her role as an instructor at the University of Manitoba from 2007-2015. It is there where Dr. Sawa honed her great understanding of the intricate relationship muscles, joints and peripheral nerves, a knowledge-base in which she looks forward to using at the Sport Medicine Clinic. 

Dr. Sawa has a special interest in musculoskeletal disorders and sport medicine, and has been previously employed within the fitness and exercise industry, working with healthy individuals on prevention through exercise, as well as working through rehabilitation programs including cardiac rehab, pulmonary rehab, stroke and neurological rehabilitation. Dr. Sawa's most recent training includes concussion management and joint injections. 

As an athlete, Dr. Sawa has been involved in sport from a young age including eliete artistic gymnastics, track and field, as well as rythmic gymnastics where she's a coach and also a master's competitor in the sport. 

Who will Dr. Sawa Treat?

Patients of all ages with sport and non-sport injuries are welcome!  This includes: workplace injuries, accidents, and repetitive strain injuries.  

Whether you are sedentary or a high performing athlete - we can help you. We offer athlete level care to all our patients, no referral required and costs are covered by Manitoba Health (present your Manitoba Health Card).

And if you require treatment, Dr. Sawa has the support of a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians (physiotherapy, athletic therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, foot care and more.) ready to help!

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