Senior Physiotherapist

Brian is the senior physical therapist at Sport Manitoba Clinic. He believes in taking an active approach to rehabilitation that is patient-centered. He would sooner modify or adjust a patient’s activities rather than stop them completely during the recovery process. Brian’s treatment philosophy relies heavily on providing education, advice, and exercise to return his patients back to the activities that they love quickly and safely.

Brian prides himself on being an evidence-based clinician and maintains a very strong understanding of current medical research. This, coupled with his seven years of professional experience, positions him as an effective therapist who consistently sees positive patient outcomes.

Brian graduated from the Masters of Physical Therapy program at the University of Manitoba in 2014. This graduate degree marked the end of his studies at the University of Manitoba, where he completed his Bachelor of Kinesiology in 2009 and was named an Academic All-Canadian in 2007, 2008, and 2009.

Brian wore the brown and gold Bison colours proudly for four years while he competed on his alma mater’s golf team. His avid love for golf has driven him to become certified with the Titleist Performance Institute. Brian routinely works with golfers who are experiencing injuries as well as with those who would like help identifying physical limitations that may keep them from reaching their full potential on the course.

Brian has completed postgraduate education in manual therapy, vestibular therapy, and post-concussion rehabilitation. He has a keen interest in pain neuroscience and helping those who suffer from chronic musculoskeletal pain that holds them back from living life to the fullest.

If Brian sounds like a good fit for your needs, he would love to have a consultation to discuss how he can help improve your quality of life!

Brian Buffie

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