Physical Therapist

Collin graduated from the University of Manitoba with his Master’s of Physical Therapy in 2018. While completing his studies, Collin gained experience working with diverse clientele and settings from your average person to high-level athletes through a variety of clinics in Winnipeg and events such as the 2017 Canada Summer Games.

His interest in physical therapy stemmed from his many injuries and years in sports which he uses today to better understand the needs of his clients. Collin has a strong interest in combining manual therapy and education and takes an active exercise-based approach to his patient management.

He strives to provide an enthusiastic and individually tailored plan to his clients and plans to continue furthering his physical therapy education through ongoing certifications and courses.

Outside of work, Collin’s interests and hobbies include spending time with family and friends, going to the lake, fishing, home DIY projects, travelling, and playing sports.

Born and raised in Manitoba, Collin is excited to be a part of the Sport Manitoba Clinic team and looks forward to being part of your recovery!

Collin Rody

Massage therapy is back in our clinic!

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Massage therapy is back in our clinic!

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