Mental Skills Coach

Paige Zaporzan empowers overall human performance and helps athletes reach their potential in training mind-body skills. Paige specializes in creating a positive mindset, using a holistic approach to implement the most effective and efficient behavioral actions. Paige has previously worked with Curl Manitoba, Synchro Manitoba, Rowing Manitoba, Skate Canada, and a variety of Canada Games athletes and teams, in addition to a variety of workplaces and companies such as Bell MTS, National Leasing, and Red River Co-Op.  Paige is passionate about mind-body, sport, active living, and supporting athletes to help them create their ideal performance tools and the life that they envision.

Paige Zaporzan

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The Importance of Recovery

We all know the importance of training when you’re an athlete. Whether it’s individual or team practices that allow you to work on your sport-specific skills, or strength training in a gym that helps you improve all areas of athletic performance, training is a key piece to performing your best. But there’s a key piece…