Clinic Director

Rickie brings over 20 years of experience in sport medicine, successfully rehabilitating everyone from the recreational athlete, to the “weekend warrior”, and the elite athlete.

After graduating from the University of Manitoba in 1997, Rickie moved to Minneapolis and for 11 years worked in Sports Medicine. She focused her practice in the rehabilitation of post-operative shoulder rehab, and shoulder injuries, and rehabilitation of the runner including video analysis. Rickie has worked with many professional athletes including the Minnesota Twins, elite marathoners, and Ironman triathletes.

Making the move back home to Winnipeg in late 2008, Rickie began working with orthopaedic surgeons from Pan Am Clinic establishing a Shoulder Rehab Program unique to Winnipeg. She also continued her goal directed program initiated in the US, designed for the rehabilitation of the runner from the newbie to the ultra-performer.

Rickie is excited about the opportunity for Sport Medicine in Manitoba that is offered at Sport Manitoba and looks forward to helping you reach your goals whether they be to return to work or return to sport.

Rickie Walkden

Massage therapy is back in our clinic!

Hello! My name is Antonio Mangilit and I’m Sport...

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Massage therapy is back in our clinic!

Hello! My name is Antonio Mangilit and I’m Sport Manitoba’s new massage therapist. My first day in the Sport Medicine Clinic is August 1, and I can’t wait to get started. It’s a great opportunity to work in an environment where I can learn and share some of my knowledge. I also had the chance…