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No matter how safe you are, life has a way of happening. You wear a helmet and knee pads when skateboarding but sprain your ankle while walking to the park. Or you take your vitamins, wash your hands, and get a flu shot, but still end up sick as a dog somehow. That’s life… no matter how much we try to safeguard and plan, we still get surprises, good and bad, that come out of nowhere.


Life’s surprises are why The Sport Manitoba Clinic introduced the Minor Injury and Illness service.



The Sport Manitoba Clinic has an impressive starting lineup, including two physiotherapists, a massage therapist, registered dietitian, chiropractor, a medical radiation technologist and more.


Together, the team has over 40 years of medical experience. We use advanced techniques and work with your personal health care team to speed your recovery. The clinic is still a part of Sport Manitoba, a non-profit organization. Patients love knowing that they’re supporting local sports and community programs in Manitoba, simply by seeking the care they already needed.



The Sport Manitoba Clinic staff is hand-picked to help you recover and rehabilitate from many serious injuries and ongoing issues. We can also be your first point of contact for a variety of minor injuries and illnesses.  Our services include…


  • SPORT MEDICINE AND JOINT INJECTIONS: Gail Sawa, a graduate and former instructor of the University of Manitoba is a physician with a Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation. She has a special interest in musculoskeletal disorders and sport medicine.
  • X-RAYS: For diagnostics and imaging on the spot, a Sport Manitoba clinician can review your images immediately, getting your healing started quickly. We can also share them with the patient’s primary physician.
  • CHIROPRACTOR: A drug-free, manual approach to healing. In particular, assessing patients for disorders related to the spine, pelvis, and extremity joints. Chiropractic treatments might include joint manipulation, ultrasound, and therapeutic exercise.
  • DIETITIAN: Chris Hyde, a Registered Dietitian, accredited Level 1 Anthropometrist and graduate of the University of Manitoba works with athletes and non-athletes to assist in their individual nutritional goals.
  • SPORT PSYCHOLOGY: From managing thoughts and emotions to maximizing sport Goals often include learning to manage distractions and reaching your full athletic potential. The Sport Manitoba Clinic uses psychologists and mental trainers to up your game.
  • VESTIBULAR PHYSIOTHERAPY: For those with dizziness-related problems, we use vestibular physiotherapy for exercise-based programs, designed to improve vertigo symptoms. This includes visual disturbances, nausea, anxiety and fatigue.
  • ATHLETIC THERAPY: Our two physiotherapists, Brian Buffie and Collin Rody, are here to help you recover and rehabilitate from any kind of injury. Brian also offers spearheads our Golf Medicine program, which is a physiotherapy approach to golf, helping you work toward top performance on the course.
  • MINOR INJURY AND ILLNESS: This may include concussion management, throat swabs, ear wax removal, UTIs, STIs, fractures and sprains, infections and more.


The Sport Manitoba Clinic is also staffed with professionals trained to offer massage therapy, golf medicine, and more. A referral isn’t needed for an appointment; however, you may wish to speak with your extended insurance provider about coverage, especially for chiropractic, massage, and physio care.



While most of our care needs to be delivered in person, we are proud to offer virtual services when possible. This can be a good option for new or current patients looking for an updated assessment or treatment. You’re able to speak privately to your clinician about your medical history, your current condition, and treatments. You’ll also be closely monitored to judge your progress.


All you need for a virtual appointment is a computer with a webcam and microphone or a smartphone. An internet connection is also required along with enough space for you to move around (if necessary).


Book an appointment for any of our services.