By Nolan Kowal, Sport Performance Specialist

Keeping your kids active and pre-occupied is difficult enough at the best of times, never mind during these challenging circumstances we are in right now.

Our Fit Kids Healthy Kids team understands this. Therefore, we’re trying to give you as many relevant resources as we can. Here’s the latest:


We’ve got a couple more games you can play at home or in the yard:

Balloon Keep Up

Hop Scotch


Down Dog is a fitness app that requires absolutely no equipment. It includes yoga for beginners, 7-minute workouts, HIIT, and more. And it’s free until May 1!


If you’re in the listening mood, Spotify has some great podcasts, including Peace Outwhich is comprised of short stories that help children relax by guiding them through visualization activities and breathing exercises.


Finally, a timely article from Today’s Parent covering 15 ways to keep your kids active indoors.


Also, if you missed our first blog on this topic, you can read it here.

Check back soon for our next edition of the Fit Kids Healthy Kids blog!